7D visited Orione Trust ( Kottanur )

The students of Class 7D visited Orione Trust ( Kottanur ), on the 28th of January, 2023 leaving the campus around 12 noon in the school organised BMTC bus. The 2.5 hours visit comprised of small entertainment program from both from the inmates of Orione home as well as our students. The interaction with 17 inmates in this home and teaching them some easy dance moves was the highlight of the day. The enriching outreach taught our students to treat everyone equally, to always think of the needy in our society and thank god for the gift of life. Orione trust is a nest for mentally challenged / migrants and refugees. Donations of groceries sponsored by the management included 75 kgs of rice, lentils, oil, cooking powders. A few donations were made by the students too like blankets, medicines, stationeries, toiletries and clothes.