Sr. Alpana Palatty SND – Principal High School

Young, dynamic and visionary, Sr. Alpana Palatty is the current Principal of Sophia High School – the eleventh, since its inception in 1949.

Born in Thuravoor,Kerala,Sr. Alpana is the alumnus of Mar. Augustin’s High School. She went on to graduate with Economics, History, Geography and English as her major subjects from Mahajana First Grade College,Mysore. Sister is a post-graduate in English from the University of Mysore and has a professional degree in Education.

She has a long history as a teacher in various Notre Dame Schools across the country, and has taught in a number of places that include Bihar, Delhi, Kerala and Mysore. Her dedication to detail and quest for perfection saw her rise through the ranks. She spent six and a half years at the Notre Dame School in Vettikuzhy, nurturing young minds as the Principal and mentor. In 2005, she was selected to participate in a Youth Conference in Germany and Rome.

Sr. Alpana’s extended interaction with students from varied socio-economic and cultural backgrounds has left her with the zeal to moldyoung minds and nurture them to be the harbingers of positive social change. She believes that success comes to those who trust in God’s goodness and providence.
Sr.Vishala – Principal Primary School

Change is the only constant. The primary section of Sophia High School now has a new Principal, Sr M. Vishala . Sr Anjana, the erstwhile Principal handed over the baton to Sr Vishala on December 20,2021. Elegant and erudite, Sr Vishala is an educational psychologist with more than four decades of experience as a teacher, student counsellor and Principal of the Teacher Training College. She has authored bestselling books like ‘Guidance and Counselling for Teachers,Parents and Students’, ‘The Good Teacher’,a unique and purposeful series of books for value inculcation titled, ‘Build a New World through Head, Heart and Hands’ for schools and colleges, ‘We Shall Overcome’, Values for an Integrated Personality for Senior Students, ‘The Week Sanctified -Prayer for each day of the week and for various occasions’, ‘In Adoration, 24X7 in His Presence and Jesus’ ‘Last Drops of Blood and Water’ to name just a few. Sister has taught Geography, Educational Psychology and Guidance and Counselling.

Sr. Vishala is forthright, extremely able with great determination , vision and always open to new ideas. The Sophia family extends her a warm welcome as she takes