BR Hills trip

An ecological educational nature camp to BR Hills was held in which 25 Sophia High School senior Interactors of the past 2 online years with their teachers took part. They also relished the Bharachukki Falls enroute.

The enriching experience of the 3day- 2night camp was worth every minute. With no AC and limited electricity consumption they tuned in to an eco- friendly lifestyle.

Their interactions with the tribal cultural artistes and tribal school children at the NGO school kindled their curiosity and interest. After a warm welcome they distributed books and sweets among the school kids. They visited the honey processing unit, silk weaving loom among other things. During the rejuvenating early morning treks spotting of medicinal herbs, birds, monkeys, wild ass, wild boars and herds of spotted deer became routine. The Gaur bison and tusker sighting was the lucky bonus for the eager interactors who were initially terrified of dogs, spiders and ants!

Students not only enjoyed the scenic locale but also gained insights about local flora and fauna, tribals, their culture and tradition.This was indeed an experience with many takeaways for their generation. They expressed their thanks to Principal Sr. Alpana who had thoughtfully arranged for this.