Christmas Celebration 2023

The Christmas Musical - "No Roof But The Stars" featured a heartwarming lineup of events. Beginning with a warm welcome speech, it smoothly transitioned into the introduction of the Chief Guest. The invocation dance set a reverent tone, followed by a thoughtful Bible reading and reflection.

The program continued with an exploration of the significance of Christmas symbols, adding depth to the festive celebration. The Hallelujah Dance undoubtedly added a joyful touch, setting the stage for the roll call and the captivating Christmas Musical.

The roll call seamlessly led to the highlight of the event—an impactful Christmas Musical depicting the real message of Christmas, aimed at supporting children in war-torn countries. This meaningful performance added a touch of compassion and purpose to the festivities.

The Grand Finale, marked by a medley of festive tunes, heightened the overall musical experience. The audience was treated to a Christmas message by Sr. Chetana, the Provincial Superior of the Visitation Province, bringing a spiritual dimension to the celebration.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks, expressing gratitude for the memorable Christmas Musical that undoubtedly left a lasting impression on all attendees.