Daan Utsav report 2023

The Sophia campus came alive with the whole school donating for Daan Utsav 2023 food donation.

Students' handheld grocery packets and parents' online deliveries from 26th September to 5th October exceeded all expectations of generosity. While the support staff began with collection, storage and packing of the items the Interact students, the faculty and the management sisters also joined them later on to make food kits for timely distribution. Each Daan Utsav kit consists of 5kg rice, &1 kg each of Dal, Atta, sugar & oil.

An astounding total of 3000 kgs of food was distributed to the needy in various shelters for the orphans, the elderly, the destitute, the mentally and physically challenged. The distribution dates and places were as follows:

6/10/23 - Graveyard workers

7/10/23 - Kukki's Centre

Jerome Home for destitute widows

20/10 /23 - Snehadaan

(centre for HIV affected children)


Makkala Jeevodaya Orphanage

Little Buds Orphanage

Parvathi Charitable Trust-: Old Age Home

Vidyagokula Charitable Trust ( for destitute children)

Adarane Charitable Trust Children Home ( Jakkur)

Aloysia Mane Foster Home Somanahalli

Sophia Maintenance staff


Don Bosco, Children’s hostel Kollegal


Angels Orphanage

Morning Star Ashram (Shelter for physically and Mentally handicapped)

(Shelter for physically and Mentally handicapped) Akashaparavakal

Jyothi Seva - School for blind children.