Decathlon 5KM Virtual Run

As per the instructions given by the 8 Karnataka Battalion Office, all the cadets of Sophia High School registered themselves for a virtual 5KM run associated with Decathlon for the Independence Day on 8 th of August 2022. The cadets had time until 15 th August to complete the task of 5KM on the route chosen by them. They then submitted a screenshot of the run recorded using a GPS app and pictures of the cadets running, wearing the NCC Track Suit. With a lot of enthusiasm, all the 1 st year cadets as well as the 2 nd year cadets registered themselves and received a booking ID after the registration. Many chose to run individually, few chose to run with their parents and others who resided close by created small groups and assembled in the ground to motivate and complete the run together. The cadets who completed the run then uploaded their screenshot of the run recorded it in the GPS App with their pictures and received participation certification of the Decathlon.

Cadets were able to complete the task given successfully with the support of our Principal, SrAlpanaSNDand 8 Karnataka Battalion officers. With the help of NCC Co-ordinator Ms. SmithaHuddar,the cadets could complete the run on time and also took an oath to keep themselves physically fit.