"Motivational Session" (Session on Mental Health)

To start the new academic year on a high note, the Counsellors of Sophia High School organized motivational talks for the students of the 10th and 12th students on 1st Feb 2023, 9am - 10.30 am.

The first speaker of the day was Mr. Sanjay Dhariwal, a Chartered Accountant who has presented more than 300 papers and talks on spirituality and motivation.

Mr. Dhariwal began his speech by introducing himself and telling us about the failures he faced in life, and how he overcame them to become what he is today. He explained three main things that lacked in today’s generation- patience, vision and motivation.

Mr. Sanjay told us the importance of knowing oneself, without which one cannot make optimum utilisation of themselves, just like how a phone cannot be used ideally without knowing its features. He expressed the importance of knowing our strengths and weaknesses thoroughly before venturing out to the future.

He stressed the need for one to have self-belief and self-introspection. Mr. Dhariwal then explained the importance of education, and how it is the vehicle we have to use to reach our destination. One must always study for one’s self and not for their parents’ sake. He stressed on being consistent in what we do and to be happy with what we have.

His words greatly motivated and provided us with a brighter vision of the future. It has empowered us to take action and make changes in our lives, and provided us with practical advice and guidance to help us reach our goals.

The second speaker of the day was Mr. George Ebenizer, the visionary and founder of Beyond Barriers Consultancy and Santhosha Samsara, an NGO. He began his talk on a very cheerful note by singing a number of choruses on oranges, bananas and so on. His mantra for life was ‘KEEP RUNNING’ no matter what happens.

Mr. Ebenizer spoke about his personal life and the kind of household he was brought up in. His past moved all of us as he had witnessed the three most important persons in his life being killed before his eyes. He stressed that there are times when we feel completely dejected and want to give up on life, it is then that we need to remember to ‘KEEP RUNNING’. He gave us a very important lesson that every journey we undertake does not break us but rather makes us. He gave us the important C’s we need to remember in our lives-
Conviction, Compulsion, Conscience, Composure and Compass.
He advised us students to never let others’ response and actions affect our emotions. He told us that it is normal to feel low, and even discouraged at times, but the next morning we need to make sure to start the day with joy, leaving behind our sorrows.

Mr. George’s commendable talk motivated us a lot giving us the confidence to always be resilient towards anything that happens in our life. His humorous way of describing his past put us students in a cheerful mood and made us wonder what really he was made up of. To see someone who has gone through so much made us grateful for the life we had.

Mr. Ebenizer truly inspired each one of us today.