Notre Dame Day

Notre Dame Day, celebrated on February 2nd every year, is a cherished occasion in Notre Dame schools throughout the world. Students pay homage to the rich history and impactful legacy of the Sisters of Notre Dame.

Sophia too celebrated the day amidst grandeur and grace on February 2, 2024. The festivities began with an engaging assembly, meticulously crafted by the teachers and enacted by the Cuvilly students, highlighting the timeline of the arrival of the Pioneering Sisters and their transformative contributions since the 1990s to the present era.

The heart of the assembly lay in a captivating skit, performed to perfection by the students, depicting the diverse ministries undertaken by the Sisters of Notre Dame. From pastoral care to education and healthcare initiatives, the skit vividly portrayed the unwavering dedication and selfless service of the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame.

A momentous highlight of the celebration was the presence of Sister Aruna, esteemed chief guest for the occasion. Sister has been a former teacher of Sophia High School and has served the community in various capacities, bringing succour and relief to all who needed her care. Her presence added a profound depth to the event as she engaged the audience with her insightful reflections and personal anecdotes, reminiscing about the school's humble beginnings and its remarkable journey of growth.

As the celebrations drew to a close, the Sisters of the Notre Dame community were honoured with candles, symbolizing the commencement of the 75th year of their unwavering commitment and service to society. The flickering flames serve as a poignant reminder of the enduring compassion ignited by the Sisters of Notre Dame, impelled by the "Flame of Imaginative Hope."