Outreach 9D

On the 4th of February, 2023, the students of class IX D visited the Little Sisters of The Poor, in Hennur. The students contributed various items, like sugar, noodles, vermicelli, different grains, butter, sabeena powder, liquid dish-wash and brooms, as per the needs of the Sisters. When we entered the spacious campus, we were led into a hall where we waited for the residents. Upon seeing our young energy, their tired eyes gleamed. We formed circles around them and talked to them. We learned about their routine at the home, their hobbies and age. They told us about where they lived and about their childhood, returning lost smiles to their faces. They advised us and told us to help out our parents in any way we can. It was sad to see how mothers and fathers, who sacrificed everything for their children, did not receive the love they deserved. Some of the residents had given up hope and did not want to live their life anymore. The students, however, inspired them to create happy memories and live to the fullest in the years they had left. We were able to make a difference to their day by simply talking and listening to them. It was indeed a pleasure to hear the tales and laughs of these old souls, who were undoubtedly young at heart.