My Passion Taking Wings...

I am a focused, fun loving, fearless individual who enjoys creative activities like sketching, craft, baking and cooking. These fun activities came in handy during COVID to keep me focused, engaged and guided my inner passion. At this time my spellbee teacher Mrs. Nandini encouraged me to pursue an online baking course, the opportunity which I grabbed with the support of my parents. This is when I was introduced to Mrs. Enid of ‘Enid’s Magic Batter’ who is my guide and mentor in my entrepreneurial journey which I started at the age of 9.

I excelled in my baking classes by creating beautiful cakes and received tremendous appreciation from my mentor and co-learners. I expanded my skills by taking additional online courses like preparing edible wafer paper flowers, cookies, chocolates, figurines and many more. Soon, I started receiving orders from large institutions, families and friends. At this juncture, I wanted to create my own identity and decided to create my own brand, ‘Vaishali’s Magical Hands – Baking and more’.

My teachers at school supported my creativity and even placed orders for my baked goods. I continued to pursue my passion and received recognition from my school community. Receiving appreciation and blessings from our Principal Sr. Alpana was an unforgettable moment.

I enjoy gifting my creations such as brownies, cakes, crochet toys, chocolates etc. to my friends, teachers and family. I believe that home-made gifts are more meaningful, memorable and valuable than store-bought gifts.

I was honored to be recognized as the “Youngest Entrepreneur” by ‘Diva Queen India’. It is a perfect platform which motivates me to enhance my skills along with my academics.

My motto is to seize every opportunity that comes my way, no matter how big or small, and continue to grow and learn in all aspects of life.

-Vaishali. S
(7 ‘D’)