Science workshop

Fun Summer Course with Indian Space Research Organisation

School should encourage and provide students with a platform to participate in various curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities in order for it to be a fulfilling and enriching experience for the students. Sophia High School is one such school that provides a vivid and dream like experience to students through these activities. One such enriching activity is the summer course from the Indian Space Research Organisation we were allowed to participate in. The course was a five day long course on the topic of “Use of remote sensing technology in the study of planet Earth and its environment.”

The course was held via online portals and was also live streamed on YouTube. The students from all over India participated in this course. The course consisted of forty five minutes to one hour of lectures which were extremely informative and mind opening, this was followed by question answer session where students were allowed to ask their doubts and share their opinion on the topics covered and beyond. This helped the students to expand their knowledge and enriched the learning experience as a whole. The course also provided us with quizzes on the day’s topics which we could answer and check our understanding of the topics that were taught in the lectures that day. ISRO also awards the participants with a course completion certificate at the end of the course.

This initiative by ISRO has been a very fruitful experience as we were able to learn of the various uses of satellites and remote sensing in our day to day lives and also in the study of our planet. With over 8000 participants share their views and opinions on the topic has become food for brain thought for us to explore more and rekindle the scientists within us and reach greater heights.

Jharna Nanje Gowda
XII Science