Seminar on Mental Health of Students

Conducted by
Dr Shekar Sheshadri
Ms Sheela Ramaswamy

Attended by Sr Alpana and teachers of all sections

The opening prayer was said by Ms Arathi A and Ms Lali introduced the speakers.

Ms Sheela opened the session by appreciating the presence of all the teachers and especially the pre-primary and primary teachers as issues like depression can start very early, even in preschool which can manifest later in adolescence or adulthood.

The session included
Attachment Theory - Attachment Injury
The way a teacher responds to a little child (any innocuous response) can affect the child.
Postpartum depression can affect the child.
Culture of Denial and Silence is deadly
Symptoms of Depression
Devalued as a person
Diff between Sadness and Depression
Sadness- Can resume normal functions
Depression - Low moods continue and sadness doesn't pass away.
Wrong Statement - Time will Heal.
Children like to be Valued and Validated. It helps in curbing the escalation of frustration and Depression.
Self Harm - A True & False session was conducted
What is Suicide and Non Suicidal Self Injurious behaviors.
NSS - No Suicide intent, Self Injurious behaviour, Relieves distress or effect change in environment.
Adolescent Pain Theory - Move my attention from the pain in my heart to the pain in my skin.
Children's Inner Voice - Behind every behaviour is an emotion. Emotions come from the inner voices(space) thoughts.
Inner Voice(Thoughts) - Emotions - Behaviour.
Framework for Self Harm
Hopelessness and Despair.
Are there warning signs
Mood Changes - Mood Disorder - 2 Reasons
1. Organic / Hormonal
2. Psycho Social/ Family Reasons.
Clinical Assessment to be done.
ADHD - Neurological disorder, mood swings, Anxiety & Depression, Impulsivity.
Also mentioned training the teachers and counselors.
The session ended with an open discussion as the team addressed concerns shared by teachers.