Christmas Celebration 2023

Silver Jubilee and Retirement Program Report

Date: 8th December
Venue: Sophia High School Auditorium

The commemoration of the Silver Jubilee and Retirement Program at Sophia High School on December 8th was a momentous occasion. The day commenced with a warm welcome extended to the Jubilarians, retiring teacher, and their esteemed relatives and friends, accompanied by thoughtfully crafted favours.

The event began with a touching prayer assembly, highlighted by a mesmerizing invocation dance featuring students from Julie, Barat, Leans, Cuvilly, Mater, and Duchesne. Subsequently, the entertainment segment showcased exceptional traditional folk dances and contemporary performances.

In a ceremony of appreciation, the Jubilarians and the retiring teacher were felicitated by the school's Management, Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), and the student body. Sr. Alpana delivered a heartfelt speech, reaffirming the love and gratitude of the Sophia family towards the Jubilarians and retiring teacher.

The Jubilarians and retiring teacher shared their cherished experiences and memories, expressing gratitude to all who played a role in their journey. A special program in the auditorium further underscored their contributions, with additional commendation from a staff representative.

In a separate felicitation, in the Duchesne hall -the Management, staff, and maintenance team acknowledged the dedicated service of the Jubilarians and retiring teacher. The day concluded with a delectable fellowship meal that added to the overall enjoyment.

The distinguished Jubilarians—Ms. Nathalia, Ms. Annette, Ms. Venetia, Ms. Archana, Ms. Malati, and retiring teacher Mr. George—expressed their heartfelt thanks to the staff, management, and students for creating a truly special and memorable day.

In summary, the Silver Jubilee and Retirement Program at Sophia High School exemplified a harmonious blend of gratitude, celebration, and camaraderie, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all participants.