Safeguarding Students: Upholding Child Rights in the Classroom

On the 31st of May, Ms. Sujata N. facilitated a seminar on children's rights, UNCRC, RTE, JJ and POCSO Acts by curating it for the educational domain as part of the staff orientation program. The seminar aimed to equip educators with the knowledge and skills to create a safe and supportive learning environment for all students.

The seminar provided a comprehensive overview of the acts, explaining its provisions regarding various forms of child sexual abuse. Teachers learned about the importance of identifying potential signs of abuse and the mandated reporting procedures. Teachers also discussed methods to establish clear boundaries with students, promoting a safe and respectful learning environment.

Following the seminar, every staff member also signed a form consenting to follow all the rules stated to safeguard child rights. The school administration and the teachers are committed to ensuring child protection remains a priority.