Team Twin

“Everybody is talented because everybody who is human has something to express” Brenda Ueland

Class VD as a part of the THURSDAY TALENT SHOW, titled with the theme of TEAM TWIN came together on 3rd December 2020 and presented a beautiful online session on Twins. Each team consisted of 7 students, of which 2 pairs were twins themselves.

They spoke about the biological factors leading to the birth of identical twins, non-identical twins and boy-girl twins. The team also spoke all about twin prime numbers in maths, twin words in english, twin towers, twin cities, twin sweets, twin gods and many more interesting facts.

They had also invited guest twins from higher classes. It was a visual treat to see children pairing with their friends and twinning in colour and costumes. Twin teachers Prithvi and Priyanka( cl tr & co tr) supported and guided students all along the program. Siblings and family members too joined this online meet and actively participated.

Children were taken by surprise when Sr. Anjana, our junior school principal and Sr. Alpana, Sophia High School principal joined the meet and very enthusiastically explained their twinning ways .They were judged the best TWIN WIN PAIR with 12 common points to their credit.

Overall it was a creative and catchy session. Acknowledging the presence of two wonderful principals the session was concluded with a few screenshots for our album.