Ho! Ho ! Ho! Jolly Day Christmas Class party hosted by 5B Elves.

This year due to the pandemic we greeted each other virtually.

Teachers and Students were dressed in red, green and white (Santa’s favourite colours).

The students sang melodious carols to wish their Principal, teachers and their classmates. The significance of the festival was explained to the students through THE GINGERBREAD MAN story.

Our school principal Sr. Alpana reminded us of the message of Christmas and the true spirit of sharing and caring.

Some of the students beautifully presented the traditions of the festival and briefed about Santa Claus. Children also had decorated their background with bells, stars, streamers and angels. The joy of celebrating the festival was visible on the faces of all the children as they indulged in some Christmas Theme based games and quiz. Finally we bid adieu to catch up in 2021.