Vehicular Noise Pollution Awareness

Sophia High School Students from the Interact Club (Dist. 3191) along with NCC, Student Council and other high schoolers from various departments took up the initiative to beat Vehicular Noise Pollution on 27th September from 9:30 am to 10:30 am at the busy Basaveswara Circle outside their school. Sophia Principal Sr. Alpana congratulated the energetic students for taking up this good cause and the management represented by Principal Sr. Alpana, Sr. Vishala, Primary Principal, Srs. Divya and Pushpa, Treasurers, gratefully acknowledged the presence of public figures like Mr. Dharaneesh S.P, the ACP of Traffic Central Sub Division, Bengaluru City who addressed the students as responsible future citizens who must dutifully advise parents and adults to follow the rules. Police Inspector, Highgrounds Traffic Police Station, Mr. Sharanappa H and the friendly (Police Head Constable - SARS), Mr. Athaulla Baig, whose heart warming appeal to the children was to never fear and build the nation by being good citizens. Mr. Rajkumar (Founder of NGO 'Citizens for Citizens') encouraged the students to dwell on the effects and causes of VNP to realise and mitigate its mental and physical damages. The message of 'No honking' especially near school zones was conveyed by a gathering of 100 plus Sophia Students standing on all sides of the traffic junction bearing placards of slogans like 'Stay calm, Be patient, Don't Honk', 'Your honking hurts me' 'Leave 2 mins Early, Don't honk' etc. As the event ended the motivated students pledged to use their learning to build a better society. This exercise was safely conducted under the watchful eye of the Principal and staff members, C4C, women police and the above dignitaries from the High grounds Traffic Police.