Std.XII Farewell Party

The 12th standard Disney themed farewell party held on the evening of January 20th, 2023 was a grand suclcess. Students and teachers came dressed befitting the theme. The sports field, came alive at 6:00 PM reverberating with the nimble footed, dancing to their all time favourite numbers.

The venue adorned with Disney characters added to the festive atmosphere. The bonfire added the extra warmth to the already charged atmosphere. The hospitality and the energy added cordiality to the evening as friends took time to catch a heart to heart. The selfie points captured memories of a night that would enable them to relive the evening several times over in the years to come.

An evening of nostalgia, laughter and sheer joy ended around 9 pm. Std. XI deftly handled the party leaving them satisfied for being able to create memories for their seniors that will bring back memories in the years to come.