Biotechnology Webinar

Sophia High School’s Science department organised a Biotechnology seminar on the 9th of August. This seminar was carried out on the Zoom platform and commenced at 3:00 pm in the afternoon.

The seminar began with Miss Sobha Joshy addressing the virtual gathering, which included our Speaker, Mr. Krishnan, Our Principal Sister Alpana, the Principal of the Notre Dame Academy, Sister Prabha, Teachers, and the students of classes XI and XII Science. Miss Joshy welcomed our speaker for the afternoon, Mr. GS Krishnan, before inviting our Health and Hygiene Co-ordinator, Aadhya Rajesh to invoke the blessings of the Lord by reciting a prayer.

After the Prayer, Miss Joshy took the opportunity to introduce Mr. Krishnan to everyone present.

Mr. G S Krishnan is a pioneer in the Industrial Biotech segment, propagating sustainable solutions across the SAARC countries with global market exposure. He has extensive knowledge, vast experience of overall strategy and general management capabilities in a multinational environment, with a tenure spanning 35 years.

He is currently the Director of Novozymes South Asia Pvt Ltd Bengaluru, a Consultant to Clara Foods, San Francisco, USA, President of the Association of Biotech Led Enterprise (ABLE), a Member of the CII Bioenergy Committee and a Member of the Vision Group on Biotechnology by the Government of Karnataka.

Mr. G S Krishnan is a firm believer in the importance of sustainable biotech solutions as the only alternative to address climate change challenges and has participated as a speaker at “ECOSOC” at the United Nations, propagating the Sustainable Development Goals of Novozymes.

He has worked closely with external stakeholders and decision-makers in the regulatory and new business development areas, in challenging leadership positions. He is a member of various industry bodies, contributing towards policy advocacy and propagating the importance of biotechnological solutions as a viable alternative to protect the environment.

Mr. Krishnan then began his highly engrossing presentation on biotechnology. He first explained what biotechnology really means and how it includes a broad area of biology and involves the use of living systems and organisms. Biotechnology also gives an opportunity to industries to make sustainable products, Mr. Krishnan explained.

He continued to speak about the different types of biotechnology such as – Medical BT (Vaccines and antibiotics), agricultural BT (Pest resistant crops plant and animal breeding), Industrial BT (biocatalyst fermentation and microorganisms), Environmental BT, etc.

Not forgetting to mention information that is very pertinent to these very challenging and uncertain times, Mr. Krishnan made sure to point out the challenges the world is currently facing, including but not limited to-