Brain Bank Seminar

On the 3rd of July 2021, the ISC students of Sophia High School, joined by students from the Noter Dame Academy, had the privilege to attend a seminar given by Mr. Robinson Samuel K, Scientific Officer, NIMHANS Brain Bank.

The event began with a prayer, followed by a note of thanks to Mr. Robinson for generously consenting to conduct this seminar.

The session was incredibly interactive and started with an informative, exciting and fun quiz. Through this, Mr. Robinson gave an overview of the role, functions and structure of the brain and the nervous system. His use of ubiquitous examples made the concepts seem familiar and comprehensible. He elucidated the topics with illustrative images and awe-inspiring 3D models.

The session was not only intended for students of psychology, but also a diverse audience with or without a scientific background of the material presented. Mr. Robinson skilfully engaged and edified the entire audience with his deep knowledge of neuroscience, using a light-hearted approach.

Neuroscience may appear to be a vast and formidable field, but Mr. Robinson held everyone’s attention by interleaving interesting facts and encouraging questions throughout the session. He answered these using specimens that made it easy to visualise and understand the anatomy of the brain.

Mr. Robinson concluded his session by raising awareness on the implications of issues such neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s and post-traumatic stress disorder on the functioning of the human brain. He stressed the importance of hygiene, use of protective headgear, balanced diets, addiction-free lifestyles, and social circles for brain health. He also expounded on brain donations and careers in neuroscience.

The session ended with a heartfelt expression of gratitude to Mr. Robinson for his time and his riveting seminar, and to Sister for providing the attendees with this enlightening opportunity.