Excel and tally workshops

The excel and tally workshops conducted in Sophia High School between August 4 to August 19, 2021, have enabled us not only to gain invaluable knowledge but also furnished us with an insight into today’s modern world. The challenges of this era can best be faced when we adapt and equip ourselves with the basics of Excel and have a grasp of Tally. In the span of two productive, mind-energizing weeks, we developed and mastered skills that are vital in this day and age, regardless of the streams we have chosen.

Mr. Saravanan and Mr. Vimal taught us with unwavering patience and kindness. They provided us with tools to make ourselves more independent.

It is said that the beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand. We have come so far from where we began—from shortcuts to formulas to preparing bills and invoices, and designing detailed graphs, we can only move forward from here as the journey to gain knowledge truly has no end.

For arranging these workshops and always keeping our best interests in mind, we the students of class 12 are endlessly grateful to our Principal, Sr. Alpana and the teachers in charge, Ms. Sireesha and Ms. Arnavaz.