Installation Ceremony

On the 28th July 2021, the prestigious Installation Ceremony of the Student Council of Sophia High School was conducted which was attended by the teachers and parents of Council leaders.

The event commenced with a welcome address by Ms Lali Purkayastha, a member of the staff council. The ceremony commenced soliciting God’s benedictions by the student moderators, Ms Rajalakshmi MS and Ms Chethana R Kumar.

The oath of office was administered by our Principal Sr Alpana and a team of 37 Student Council leaders solemnly took over their new responsibilities.

Mahika Adappa, the newly elected head girl, in her speech, instilled among the student body a spirit of enthusiasm and dedication. The leaders of 2020-21 passed on their commitments to the members of the new Student Council.

The leaders pledged to uphold the standards of Sophia, swore to faithfully execute the office they had been elected to and work in cooperation to the best of their abilities.

The new body was congratulated and blessed by Sister Alpana in her inspiring and emboldening address. Leaders delivered motivating and enjoining speeches and prayers to the attendees.

The ceremony ended with an encouraging speech by the former head girl, Ann Sumesh. Finally, the entire gathering rose together for the rendition of the school song.

The members of the new council, filled with immeasurable zest and gratitude, departed with a deep-rooted sense of responsibility as representatives of the student body.