Orientation for Teachers

Orientation for teachers- May 27, 2021
Dr. Gururaj Karajagi, an eminent speaker, teacher and educationist addressed 150 teachers of Sophia High School on 27th May.

Doctor raised his voice of concern about the unpredictability of the future, especially during the pandemic. His answer was unequivocal- education is the only way out in these uncertain times.

He drew our attention to the worth of education. Doctor used the analogy of a suitcase.

What are the essential items we need to pack in the ‘education suitcase’ of a child? Confidence, curiosity- leave loose ends in the mind of an observer and social commitment.

Doctor Gururaj expressed concern about the rapidly decreasing attention span of students. Absence of socialization during the pandemic has also affected the learning curve, Dr. Karajagi observed.

Dr. Karajagi suggested different ways of handling this crisis. Teachers should be engaged in the insatiable quest to communicate with students in an era when learning has gone digital. Teachers are like magicians and teaching aids are their tools.

He stressed upon mentoring, especially emotional mentoring. He urged to remove violence through education citing Japan as an example of that. He pointed out that in the education sector teacher training has largely taken a back seat and reading has stopped. Dr Karajagi stressed upon the importance of staff study circle and connecting with parents.

“Infuse passion in teaching and demonstrate love for children entrusted in your care” Dr. Karajagi’s energetic session ended with a question answer session.