Report on Talk by Sri PP Hegde: Criminal Lawyer and Legal Scholar

Date: October 16, 2023
Time: 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Venue: Sophia High School, Auditorium
Classes: 10th, 11th and 12th.
Speaker: Sri PP Hegde
Topic: Is Criminal Law in Favour of the Accused or the Victim?

On the morning of October 16, 2023, Sophia High School had the privilege of hosting a captivating talk by Sri PP Hegde, a distinguished and renowned criminal lawyer in Karnataka. The topic of the talk was "Is Criminal Law in Favour of the Accused or the Victim?" The event, organized and arranged by the school's legal studies teacher, Mr. Nikhil was held at the Sophia High School Auditorium from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM.

Sri PP Hegde's extensive experience and profound insights into the field of law made for an engaging and enlightening session, leaving a profound impact on the students and faculty in attendance.

Mr. Hegde's journey in the legal profession is nothing short of inspirational. Enrolling as an advocate with the Karnataka Bar Council in 1993, he embarked on a path of academic excellence and leadership, beginning with his impressive achievements in his student years. His passion for the law was evident from an early age, and his commitment to the field was unwavering.

Throughout his academic journey, Mr. Hegde consistently excelled as a student, earning the title of state topper in his 10th standard board exams (SSLC) and securing the top position in science subjects (PCMB) during his 12th standard (PUC). His unwavering dedication to the field of law led him to choose it as his career path, and he continued to shine academically, topping his class during both his undergraduate (BA LLB) and postgraduate (LLM) studies, where he earned gold medals in both programs.

In addition to his academic achievements, Mr. Hegde exhibited strong leadership skills during his college years. He served as the student council president of SDM Law College, Mangalore, and was also the president of the All Colleges Student Federation at Mangalore University. These experiences laid the foundation for his future success and his contributions to the legal profession.

Sri PP Hegde's extensive practice in trial courts led to his recognition as an expert in Criminal Law, Trust and Societies law, administrative and service law, and commercial and real estate laws. He was designated as Senior Counsel by the High Court of Karnataka in acknowledgment of his expertise.

Mr. Hegde also shared his insights on the intriguing question of whether criminal law is more favourable to the accused or the victim. He presented a wide range of perspectives and real-life cases from his extensive legal career, providing students with a deeper understanding of the complexities and nuances of the legal system. The session was highly interactive, with students actively participating and posing thoughtful questions.

Throughout the talk, Mr. Hegde emphasized the significance of the legal profession and why it is a fulfilling and rewarding career choice. He shared his own journey and experiences to inspire the next generation of legal professionals.

In closing, it is only fitting to offer a famous legal quote that captures the essence of the talk and the legal profession: "The law is not an end in itself, nor does it provide ends. It is pre-eminently a means to serve practical and none-too-basal needs." - Benjamin N. Cardozo Sri PP Hegde's talk left a lasting impression on all attendees, offering valuable insights into the legal world, its challenges, and its potential for positive change.