Teachers Enrichment Programme

Topic : Social and Emotional Wellbeing of teachers.
Date of the Event: 24th July 2021
Day: Saturday
Time: 9 am – 10 am
Platform: Zoom
Resource person: Ms. Maya Menon

As part of the teacher enrichment programme, the management and Principal of Sophia High School arranged an enriching session on “Social and emotional wellbeing of teachers.”. Speaker for this session was Ms. Maya Menon, Founder & Director of The Teacher Foundation.

Her workshop touched upon
a) The 3 B’s
What to Bin, Bag and Bring every day
b) Golden moments
Importance of having golden moments to open, lift and close one’s day
c) Visiting the 5 wells
To replenish one’s energy to create a work life balance.It was a refreshing and a worthwhile experience.